Colbert and the Dirt Bike Badass in the Lincoln Tunnel

Colbert and the Dirt Bike Badass in the Lincoln Tunnel

Let's face it, no one likes to commute... I don't know how I would survive my commute to work, or at least retain my sanity, if it weren't for books and an ipod full of books and podcasts. But among all the repetitive daily drudgery of traveling to and back from work, there are rare occasions in which exceptional things happen, and chances are that they will happen to someone famous, like Stephen Colbert... Your life will still suck :)

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- Dawkins On The Daily Show? Fuck That: Metallica On Colbert!
So apparently the blogosphere is awash with entries about the interview Richard Dawkins did with Jon Stewart a couple of days ago. I love Dawkins, and was thinking about posting that interview here, but when I realized Metallica had made an appearance...

- Take The Money, Donald Trump! Do It For The Children!
Apparently Donald Trump wants to help charities, but he won't donate the money without extorting President Obama to release documents that, let's face it, will not satisfy the birthers and their conspiracy theories. Fortunately, Stephen Colbert...

- Ecce Homo Art "restorator" Alpha Dog
A few weeks ago we posted a video on our Google+ page about a Spanish lady who attempted to "restore" an ecce homo fresco of Jesus. The New York Times also reported on it. Well, what started out as the presumed Son of God turned in her capable hands into...

- The Evolution Of The Y-chromosome In The Colbert Report
Though I like to try to keep up with scientific developments, and consider myself relatively literate (for a layman) in these matters, there are times when I am truly surprised at the fact that something I thought I basically understood turns out to be...

- Stephen Colbert Occupies Occupy Wall Street
Inspired by Dick Armey and how he co-opted the Tea Party and gave their fringe beliefs a national platform, Comrade Che Colbert wants his Super PAC to capitalize on the growing Occupy Wall Street movement. So, he met with two young idealists whose democratic,...