Space tourism?

Space tourism?

Take a breather from the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity, Cassini, New Horizons, etc. and consider the future of something totally different in the form of recreational space activities. Is it feasible for millions of people to enjoy only what a select few now experience. There have been isolated situations where millionaires hop aboard a Russian spaceship and stay for a while at the ISS. Initially, would it be possible to offer low orbit trips or build a hotel in the sky for a weekend adventure? Romance in zero gravity? A few hours in a space suit, tethered to the space station, just floating and looking? Long range situations are just that...long range, but low orbit vacations may not be that far away.

And of course the pesky, ubiquitous attorneys will be present to spoil everything.

"The Legal Regime for Private Activities in Outer Space"

Space hotels? Sure. I wonder what R. Buckminster Fuller, Frank Lloyd Wright, or Antoni Gaudí would have contributed.

"Designing hotels in space"

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