Pearls Before Swine on Natural Selection

Pearls Before Swine on Natural Selection

Well, naturally... it's survival of the fittest :)

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- Doctor, It Hurts When I Do This
My Fellow Comedists, With all the discussion about healthcare, it seems a good time for some medicine jokes. Here's something from a bit I'm working on:I've always thought that 'pap smear' was the worst name out there for a medical...

- Swine Flu And Overreaction: How Would We Know?
There has been grumbling about an overreaction to the swine flu outbreak. The government has been too heavy-handed, the line goes. But what evidence can one have for this claim? We know what it would look like if the reaction was insufficient, but it...

- The Clap And The Flu
B. Smith asks "Why is clapping the standard gesture of approval at the end of any kind of performance? Where did this act of taking one hand and hitting it against another to make a clicking sound quickly and repeatedly originate?"Clapping is something...

- Do Grades Hurt As Well As Help The Educational Process?
It's early in the semester and grades and grading does not yet have the bite it will have later, so this distance may allow for some more open minded consideration. For the project on Maria Montessori that I've been working, I came across this...

- Dormant, Not Dead
"Who to blame for flu? Maybe the U.S., study finds" by Maggie Fox and Peter Cooney May 27th, 2010 Reuters The United States may provide an incubating ground for some flu strains, helping them migrate to warmer climates, U.S. researchers said on Thursday....