A long trip for a short event to test an hypothesis

A long trip for a short event to test an hypothesis

May 1929
Popular Science Monthly
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And yet another series of tests to confirm Einstein's postulation that light bends as written by George Lee Dowd, Jr. in the May 1929 issue of Popular Science Monthly.

An over zealous Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington?

Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington--poetic tribute

"The Great Debate" [1921]--Shapley & Curtis

- Observational Cosmology...edwin Hubble And Harlow Shapley
Abstract: Observational cosmology of the first decades of the Twentieth Century was dominated by two giants: Edwin Hubble and Harlow Shapley. Hubble's major contributions were to the study and classification of individual galaxies with large telescopes,...

- Shapley And Curtis Documents On The Universe--1921
Remember Harlow Shapley [1885-1972] and Heber Curtis [1872-1942] debates. Here are two papers by Shapley and Curtis as published in the Bulletin of the National Research Council [Volume 2, Part 3, Number 11, May 1921]. The Scale of the Universe, Harlow...

- Einstein...3.14...birthday
Well, Albert Einstein's birthday will be on March 14th and, as being the most popular and probably most famous physicist, it is fitting to review some of the selections on Einstein somewhat early. Annus mirabilis-1905 March is a time of...

- "einstein And Eddington"...bbc Production
Andy Serkis plays Albert Einstein and David Tennant plays Sir Arthur Eddington The real Albert Einstein and Sir Arthur Eddington The BBC will air this comming Saturday a docudrama, Einstein and Eddington, on the interactive lives of Albert Einstein...

- An Over Zealous Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington?
Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington The materials: Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica [1687]--Newton Relativity: The Special and General Theory--Einstein "Report on the relativity theory of gravitation"--Eddington The event: 1919 solar eclipse Where:...